O Shape Non-electric Toilet Bidet Seat



This non-electric toilet bidet seat will leave you feeling clean and refreshed improving hygiene.

Powered by high-pressure water flow check valve which makes pressure control smooth and easy.

Equipped with easy-to-use turning knob for water sprayer allowing you to control the water spray strength

to suit your personal cleaning needs.

The toilet bidet nozzle is made of strong ABS material which is resistant to bacteria and durable for long-term home use.

Equipped with dual nozzles, the toilet bidet is perfect for male and female personal hygiene.

The soft-closing toilet seat cover with drop-shaped design will add an elegant touch to your bathroom.


1. Non-electric Operation: Powered by toilet’s water pressure, intelligent washing, prevent the danger of electricity leakage.

2. O-shape Round Seat: Suitable for most ROUND toilets in the market.

3. Rear Wash: 3-hole nozzle special for rear cleaning, accurate spray and comfortable pressure.

4.Front Wash: 7-hole nozzle special for female hygiene, soft water spray and pressure.

5. Automatic Nozzle Self-cleaning: patented technology, the nozzle will self-clean before and after each use preventing build-up or debris.

6. Chrome Knob: Chrome surface, and durable, easy to clean.

7. Quick-Attach-Detach: Simply press the button on the side for convenient cleaning and maintenance.

8. Slow Closing Seat and Lid: Both seat and lid are slow closing, preventing slams and providing a quiet close of the seat and cover.

9. Ergonomically Design: Ergonomically designed for the most comfortable experience.


Type: Non-electric Cold Bidet Toilet Seat ( Round )

Seat Material: High quality PP plastic

Supply Water Pressure: 14 psi-87 psi

Dimensions: 36.8 cm x 47.0 cm x 7.3 cm

Weight: 2.04 kg

Seat/Lid Weight Limit: 150 kg/ 150 kg

Includes the following for installation:

1. Brass or Plastic 3-way T-adaptor

2. Rubber washer

3. Stainless steel elbow hose

4. Mounting bolts and nuts

5. Adjustable brackets

6. Warranty card

7. Manual instruction

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