Aqua Self-Cleaning Bidet



Aqua Bidet. Self-Cleaning. Toilet Attachment. Metal Hoses. Fresh Water.

Easy to install, no plumber needed!
Fits all sizes of toilets

a good level of hygienic practice with this high-quality product. This
product has many benefits, this includes better hygienic practice,
meeting women’s sanitary needs, an alternative to toilet paper,
environmentally friendly, and teaching children better cleaning habits.

NOTE: Has no electronic parts, so it’s safe for children to use alone.


- Only 10mm thickness for the fitting body;
- Can install on one-piece and two-piece toilets;
- Two Nozzles Design, one for ladies and children;
- Brass/plastic inside valve body can be selective;
- Chrome face control knob for a luxurious life;
- Patent one-piece inside valve design;
- Anti-bacterial material nozzle;
- Adjustable Nozzle Position;
- Water Flow Adjustment;
- Nozzle Self-cleaning;
- Retractable Nozzle.
- With back-flow valve

All required parts are included in the package.

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