Sublimation Stone Blank Slate Photo Frame - 15 x 29.5cm



Cherish your precious moments with our exquisite sublimation stone slate photo frame. Crafted from high-quality rock, this natural beauty boasts a smooth surface coating that facilitates seamless image transfer, resulting in stunningly vivid and long-lasting printed patterns. Each slate comes with a sturdy stand for stable placement, allowing you to showcase your treasured memories in any setting.

Our smooth-surfaced slate ensures effortless image transfer, delivering clear, vibrant, and enduring prints that capture your precious moments in all their brilliance.

Reliable Material Selection: Crafted from durable and water-resistant rock, our sublimation slates withstand the test of time and maintain their pristine appearance in any environment.

Easy-to-Use: With our simple heat transfer process, customizing your slate is a breeze. Simply apply your chosen image using heat transfer tape, place it in a heat press, and watch your memories come to life.


Includes 1x Blank slate
Material: Rock

Size: Approximately 29.5 x 15 cm (due to the natural and unique characteristics of the slate, slight variations in size may occur)

Packaging: Individually boxed for protection and presentation


Business Opportunities: Businesses offering sublimation printing services can expand their offerings with this popular and versatile product.

Product of Amon enterprises, please visit our website for many more sublimation products including mugs and bottles to paper, ink, and machines, we have everything you need to create personalized gifts, souvenirs, and décor.

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