Roller blades M - EU 35-38



Skates description:

Enjoy some outdoor or indoor family time with these rollerblades. These are great for kids to build balance and explore their surroundings. Rollerblading has been proven to be a great form of low impact exercise and hence working deeper into the muscles.

These are adjustable to provide maximal comfort and movement.
All 4 wheels light up when moving. Each blade has (64mm dia x24mm thick)

Strong P/P Chassis
Interior Boot Liners

These are available in S, M, and L to suit a whole family. THIS AUCTION IS FOR MEDIUM SIZE ONLY. Please see listings for other sizes.

S is suitable for shoe sizes:
- EU 31-34

M is suitable shoe sizes:
- EU 35-38 NZ size 3 -5 (feet 221 mm to 238 mm)

L is suitable for shoe sizes:
- EU 39-42 NZ size 6-8 (240 mm-263 mm)

The maximum weight for all blades is 90kg.

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