Hover Board With 8.5" Tyre



Premium Quality Hoverboard which is approved SDOC for both hoverboard & charger. New Zealand charger has built in safety features

A fun way to enjoy the outdoors! Having a bigger wheel size than the other hoverboards makes it more safe and stable. At first you might feel terrified you will hurt yourself, it only
takes few minutes for most people to figure out and enjoy the fun.

Tips to start:

  • Practice getting on and getting off first before starting to ride

  • Have someone beside you while getting use to standing on the hoverboard

  • Hold on to a chair or office chair (with casters) when you feel more comfortable.

We have two variations of hoverboards with slightly different specifications in our listings, both are powerful gadgets to use!

Specification :

  • Can be ridden off road (depending on the condition)
  • Battery: 36V, 4.3AH Lithium Battery
  • Tyre: 250W Motor comes with 8.5” tubeless tyres
  • Controller: Taotao system
  • Range per charge: 15km (depending on speed and terrain)
  • Maximum speed: 10km/hr
  • Max climbing: 15-20 degrees
  • Charging time 2-3 hours
  • Dimensions: L: 745 x W:265 x H: 300mm
  • Max weight 120KG
  • Unit Weight: 15kg
  • Warranty : 6 months
  • Certified - CE, FC, RoHS, UL2272. This ensures that the product you purchase is both safe and of high quality.
  • Front and back LED lights
  • Rugged tyres for off road usage

Colour: Black

Warranty is not covered in the event of misuse of this hoverboard.

Pick up available from our showroom in Birkdale, North Shore. We have units available for you to test.
hoverboards are made by a very large and well known factory which
specializes in many electronic items including electric bikes, scooters and have 16 years of experience.

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