Heat Transfer Paper – 10 Sheets (A4) 3G Jet-Opaque - USA



10 Sheets of A4 Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper 3G Jet-Opaque

Made in USA

Product of Amon Enterprises Ltd.

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Compatible with virtually any inkjet printer (dye-based, pigment or sublimation inks)

Heat transfer paper is designed for transferring images onto bright and dark colored cotton and polyester fabrics.

It has a soft white film background to hide the color of the fabric and transfer the image.

1 - Print your image with an inkjet printer. 2 - Cut out your design with a contour (plotter) cutter or scissors. 3 - Peel the film off the release liner and press onto your chosen substrate with a hand. 4 - Use a hand iron or heat press.

Please test this product prior to production to determine the best settings for your equipment.

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